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A person who makes a commitment to another and then drops them at the last moment with or without prior notification. The act can be referred to as a fade
Toni promised to see a movie with me, but she is a fader and i had to go on my own
by Derek the bandit February 01, 2009
when an aerola has no definition and fades out into the tit
I was motorboating that chick last night and i noticed she had faders
by Andy "big balls" February 02, 2011
Short for crossfader. A slider device on a DJ mixing board that moves between the mixer's channels.
That DJ was cutting it up, movin' the fader back and forth.
by Jack Batemaster January 07, 2004
Someone who's going strong at the start of a night drinking but steadily loses energy as the night goes on. This may be due to excessive drinking, coupled with the person being a lightwieght
hey man wheres Sam?

he left, said he was tired

what a fader....
by TP Crew August 05, 2005
a word used to describe any pharmaceutical pill/drug, typically pain killers like roxicodone, oxycodone/oxycontin that are used to experience feelings of euphoria or feelings of being "faded".
Nick: "Hey man you want to walk down to shakedown street to try and get some faders?"
Pat: "Absolutely, I bet theres a ton of phishheads that have some pharms at this lot scene."
by barmeezeee January 06, 2011
A mystical hockey playing creature also known as a platypus which is a cross between a duck, beaver and otter although not very good at hockey a Fader makes a good team bitch and every team needs those.
"Hey look at that Fader playing hockey"
"Yea he sucks he must be the team bitch"
"Hey Fader what creek were those ugly chicks you were just talking to from"
"Okanagwa duhh"
by Changs October 14, 2008
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