57 definitions by pj

a man who uses his anus like a vagina, frequently
"i have an itchy abcess on my ttyson," said pj
by pj January 17, 2004
coolest type of person
pj is dope, yo
by PJ May 29, 2003
Slack jawed yokel type from Ireland.
Talks funny, wears really old clothes, loves Smithwicks and Hurling. Kilkenny folk are probably the worst type.
Anyone from Kilkenny
by PJ December 09, 2003
Swinging..AKA swap mates.
You know the deal I fuck his wife while
he fucks mine. It's all good!
by PJ February 26, 2003
when a female forcefully expells air from her vagina causing a noise.

squid is short for pussy fart
Amy let out a loud squid when she bent over
by pj November 05, 2004
short for REMtard, or retard...also rem boy and remmy, u get the idea
"fuck off you rem" also "you're such a rem"
by PJ August 20, 2004
a universal adjective
while grabbing my balls, she proceeded to lick my navjot
by pj November 12, 2003

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