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this is like sayin u have beef with somebody..fonkin
are they still fonkin with them?
by S+K=S May 13, 2006
An extreme form of funk.
Damn, wash yourself! You got fonk.
by DJ Gaping Wound July 20, 2003
the act of smoking canabis sativa with close friends. slang for canabis.
"hey tom lets go fonk one on the roof"
or "hey minus got any fonk".
by super bohn December 21, 2008
A catch-all word, meaning anything, depending on the context in which it is uttered.
That girl/boy is such a fonk!
by Nathan_T August 19, 2006
An alternate, and more amusing spelling of the common curse word "Fuck"
Hey, fonk you man!
by Oswald Van Oeveren April 22, 2003
a cross between fuck and bonk
"where's Jim?"
"he's upstairs fonking Betty"
by Le Chiffre June 09, 2004
a merger of the words: fart & honk; to describe the sound of a fart when mentioning it.
I laughed so hard, I accidentally released a fonk.
by sleepytimecat May 03, 2004
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