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you cannot deny quality. The Beatles is the grandest band in existence, and will forever be so. and for those who think otherwise... well, they should be fucked in the ass with pineapples.
"and in the end, the love you take, is equal to the love you make."
by pipi December 01, 2003
what you're looking at right now.
by pipi October 10, 2003
to be drunk
i wanna get looped tonight...lets PARTAY
by pipi December 26, 2003
A group of issues that are too complicated to explain briefly. When this word is used it is understood by friends that some events happened that are best left unexplained, or at least explained at a later date.
Ahh...that was some ness last night.
(perhaps after seeing/hearing something impressive) Man! That's some ness right there!
by Pipi April 18, 2003
ya mama
because she is a she-male
by pipi August 21, 2003
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