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A secretary who's job is to get under your desk at work and suck you off.
A good suckutary doen't need to be told when to get back to work.
by PimpDisco April 10, 2006
The act of laughing out loud while masterbating.
Porn bloopers make me lolerbate while watching them.
by PimpDisco July 27, 2006
Basically the biggest nigga you have ever seen.
The black guy from "The Longest Yard" is a niggranaut.
by PimpDisco July 13, 2006
The feeling one experiences after being smacked in the face with huge tits.
After slipping Chelsea Charms a few bucks at Raiders Reef, she put my face between her huge tits and smaked away. After a few moments of unconsciousness, I recovered from the effects of chestigo.
by PimpDisco June 29, 2006
Refers to a prostitutes smelly vagina. Similar to Badussy, minus the booty & dick.
Damb, bitch your fish smells like pussy; get your prostitussy ass out of my car before I back hand you.
by PimpDisco June 07, 2006
A way of describing that someone has a small dick.
James's leprecock does not extend past his 1970's bush.
by PimpDisco July 31, 2006
The state of preparing yourself for what could possibly occure but will never happen.

The state of having a loaded gun under your pillow for when the clowns come to eat you. "CAN'T SLEEP... CLOWN'S WILL EAT ME. CAN'T SLEEP... CLOWN'S WILL EAT ME."
My grandmother made me so preparanoid that we were going to be homeless this Christmas, that I totaly forgot about wanting presents.
by PimpDisco June 13, 2006

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