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the smell when you walk into a room right after fornication

damn bro it smells like badussy in here were you just having sex
by Brendan July 25, 2004
you say it when the atmosphere smells like butt, dick, and pussy
this place smells like badussy
by paul gillespie April 22, 2003
The combination stench of booty, dick and pussy. May also be referred to as "smelling like sex"
After making sweet, sweet monkey love in the car, we usually have to roll down the windows cause it smells like straight up BADUSSY!
by Dana March 24, 2003
But, Ass, Dick, and Pussy! The mixture of sex smells.
Damn, this room smells like Badussy!
by Jason August 29, 2003
"Booty,Dick and pussy smells all together as one herendous dirty funky ass smell.
"It smells like badussy in here!" -Def Jamz: How to be a player
by Tim And Chris February 16, 2003
1. a stank smell of butt or randidity -- used as a description.----> "smell like ...."

2. used to describe dirty intercourse with a dirty girl
Ol' boy be smellin like ba-dussy when he get home. Even his car stank. Ima call that caddy of his a ba-duss bus. He betta not be doin the ba-duss up in there.
by Dat Gal June 05, 2009
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