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The state of preparing yourself for what could possibly occure but will never happen.

The state of having a loaded gun under your pillow for when the clowns come to eat you. "CAN'T SLEEP... CLOWN'S WILL EAT ME. CAN'T SLEEP... CLOWN'S WILL EAT ME."
My grandmother made me so preparanoid that we were going to be homeless this Christmas, that I totaly forgot about wanting presents.
by PimpDisco June 13, 2006
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When someone is preoccupied with how paranoid they will be driving under the influence with the munchies.
guy one: "Dude, your not even listening..."

guy two: "Um.........uh............yeah...........what? Sorry I'm a bit pre-paranoid about driving."
by seezilysoo February 02, 2011
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