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20 definitions by philologue

masturbation with the right hand cf sinisterbation, m with the left hand.
Not to be confused with dextrobation, dextrous masturbation
I tried dexterbation for a change last evening, but I expect I'll revert.
by Philologue August 11, 2011
A faint whiff of obscenity
Porn crackers! We'll have to edit that out of the magic show.
by philologue August 17, 2011
the make-up job, self-applied, on a desirable older woman's face
Joe: Jeez, she looks a right mess!

Hank: Yeah, she sure screwed up that milf-portrait.
by philologue August 11, 2011
This is my right hand milf. I couldn't do without her.
by philologue August 11, 2011
underwear, especially female, in need of a wash
Fetch that pile of prawn knickers and put it in the wash!
by philologue August 17, 2011
a dance in which many attractive older women are taking part
Dolly and Eric's reception turned out to be a bit of a milf shake.
by philologue August 12, 2011