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249 definitions by pete

fucking crazy prog/jazzcore band. there time changes and lyrics are mindblowing.
if i saw the dillinger escape plan in concert i would probably cream myself.
by pete December 15, 2003
When two people are engaged in sex, one person, usually the male, inserts their finger in the anal cavity of their partner, and proceeds to wipe particles of feces on the upper lip of their mate.
My girlfriend and I were having sex last night, and right after I had an orgasm I gave her a dirty sanchez.
by Pete March 20, 2003
A homosexual male, one who likes botty.
You dress just like a botty boy!
by Pete March 01, 2005
A rare specimen amongst engineering students: a hot girl
The Aussie chick hates me :(
by Pete December 06, 2004
quite possibly the most idiotic educational device, created by hyper-ego professors whose sole existence on earth is to make you meet people in the library
Man that group project sucked.
by pete November 30, 2003
bad ass, as in "hard core" usually bitches that think they're cool
that m-f'er thinks hes all hard, but hes really a bitch
by Pete April 14, 2003
A drinking game, popular in the UK. You need to have a good few people, and one person starts by saying the word "fuzzy duck." Everyone to the left keeps saying this until one person says "duzzy." The direction is changed from the left to the right, and is continued with the words "ducky fuzz." If somebody says the word "duzzy" then the direction changes again and resumes the phrase "fuzzy duck."

People have to take a drink if they mess up what they say, for example they say "does he fuck" or "fuck he does."

Simple but hilarious
person 1) fuzzy duck
person 2) fuzzy duck
person 3) duzzy
person 2) ducky fuzz
person 1) duzzy
person 2) fuck he d... oh shit!
everyone) haha - down it!
by Pete October 15, 2004