50 definitions by penguin

When someone has exceptionally small hands. Probably started with Austin Powers.
"I can't find mittens that fit because of my carnie hands."
by Penguin December 03, 2004
A day in which nothing productive is done, so it feels as if the day never existed. A wasted day.
What day was today? Sunday?
by Penguin January 17, 2005
Expression of extreme dissapointment
Ahh damnit... that was a kick in the pants
by penguin October 27, 2002
to place something into a shopping bag
yes maam, I'll saq that for you. Paper or plastic?
by penguin October 27, 2002
A noise made to antagonise tools. Normally a person will stick their ring finger in your face and say bulluh. Can also be used to dictract teachers, coachs, and family.(this word is an onomatopoeia)
"Hey Tool! Bulluhbulluhbulluh!"
by Penguin March 20, 2005
One who acts too quickly, one who acts in rash and innapropriate ways
Damnit, he left too fast.. he is such a polejumper
by penguin October 28, 2002
A dance preformed in the ancient times, consisting of jagged motion of the apendages
look at jonny doing the robot, he is a maniac!
by penguin October 28, 2002
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