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A face to denote happyness
Im teh win :D
by penguin October 27, 2002
A small italian plumber that gets into the most strange of situations, usually involving walking mushrooms.
Mario world 3 for nintendo
by penguin October 29, 2002
A large brown loaf. He was born on a hilltop from a strange white egg. He enjoys rice and walks in the moonlight. He dislikes apples.
Domokun says "Raaaawwrrhh"
by Penguin March 17, 2003
A more commonly used named than Violincello, a string instrument that is played sitting down. It is held in between the knees and supsended off of the ground by an end pin. It is made of mostly wood and has four strings, A,D,G, and C. Traditionally, the strings were made from cat intestines, but now makers have moved onto steel and other synthetic materials. It is tuned an octave lower than the viola and one octave higher than the cello bass. It is said to be the instrument that most resembles the human voice, with its deep, rich tone. Famous cellist include Yo-Yo Ma, Rasputina featuring three cellist, and Apocalyptica featuring four.
1. The cello sounds beautiful.
2. That cellist sure has talent.
by Penguin October 21, 2004
1. Sauron.
2. A book written by jrr tolkien.
3. A movie trilogy directed by Peter Jackson
1.Argh! It's the Lord of the Rings! Run!
2.I'm having a hard time getting into "Lord of the Rings".
3. I have seen "Lord of the Rings" far too many times.
by penguin March 22, 2004
To discribe one of unfathomable age
Damnit... how old is she...

About.. cher
by penguin October 27, 2002
A sadistically thick moustache stretched across and limply hanging to the side of the grinning maw of a white man, preferably one that drives a van with no windows.
Damn, that dude rocks the molester moustache like R-Kelly at a Girl Scout Camp.
by Penguin July 22, 2003

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