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49 definitions by penguin

An Addictive multiplayer game where people that get player killed come here to make stupid defenitions of it
I suck at Runescape so i'm gonna trash it!
by penguin January 02, 2004
a place to deposit one's car
Im going to go park in the car hole
see simpsons
by penguin October 28, 2002
An exclimation used for greeting one's neighbour.
Hi-diddly-ho neighbourino!
by penguin October 28, 2002
Exclamation. Anything that is idiotic, stupid, or moronic. Synonyms: George W. Bush, Rap
You just said something bad about penguins? Dubya!
by Penguin February 05, 2005
where the worlds greatest assholes team up and fight the worlds biggest douche bags. Throw a few random buttholes and turds in the mix. Top off with 1 helluva badass penguin guy.
Thats lue chat
Lue chat sucks because of dragon and white.
by penguin November 15, 2004
A greenish colour, mostly remnant of the olive... a common north american delicacy
wow... that car is olive...
by penguin October 28, 2002
A person of extream uncoolness; annoying and silly.
Also Jerk Face, Jerk Pants, and Face Pants
That guy is such a pants face for saying that.
by penguin March 20, 2004