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Japanese word for "Wings"; also a good anime.
Tsubasa Chronicles kept me mesmerized for several hours with its cutting edge plot
by pengin9 May 04, 2006
A game involving a repetitive circle of questions and response which always starts with, "Want to buy a duck?"

This game requires a great deal of memory and is fun to play while under the influence of alcohol if for no other reason than to laugh at others. It is also played at camps in order to encourage bonding.

Person 1: “Do you want to buy a duck?”
Person 2:“a what?”
P1: “A Duck”
P2: “Does it quack?”
P1: “of course it quacks!”
P2: “Then I’ll buy it.”
The second person then adds to the game buy asking a third to buy something else.
P2: “want to buy a ####?”
P3: “a what”
P2: “a what?”
P1: “a duck!”
P2: “a ####!”
by pengin9 August 30, 2006
The 'F' word of computer languages!!

This programming language is old and made for punch cards, but has still made it to our college system of present day computer.
I made a counting program using fortran.
by pengin9 September 10, 2006
A Line Dance which is named after a common element of pushing ones tush.
I did the Tush Push last night. It was great exercise
by pengin9 May 03, 2006

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