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rear-end, butt, behind
She had a nice tush.
by joe April 21, 2003
what ZZ Top looks for downtown
"I aint askin for much
lord take me downtown
I just looking for some tush..."
-Tush By ZZ Top
by Mr_Poopy_Pants April 12, 2005
A woman`s ass,buttocks,the one more big and sexy one.
Jennifer Lopez has a nice tush.
by lapel July 18, 2003
noun - Chiefly British Informal .

Information provided that is nonsence, yet has been adapted with a Kushism to ensure its total irrelevence and goes beyond nonsence and understanding.
Primary Sentance: 'In 1916 the Irish began an uprising by throwing chocolate eggs at british police officers....

Reply: 'what a load of tush'
#tosh #nonsence #kushism #irrelevence #ambiguity
by Galileo09 September 07, 2010
someone who has smoked themselves retarded
Greg - Where's Tush?
Phil - Tush is smokin mad bowls.
#weed #marijuana #chronic #reefer #buds #doobs
by Kung Pow May 31, 2006
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