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Japanese word for "Wings"; also a good anime.
Tsubasa Chronicles kept me mesmerized for several hours with its cutting edge plot
by pengin9 May 04, 2006
Means "wings" in Japanese (like bird wings). It is also the slang/fan-dubbed abriviation of a popular CLAMP manga series: Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles.

Tsubasa is also used in other manga and anime titles.
"Tsubasa was reviewed as to be one of the most anticipated anime of the year!"
by Ashen Phoenix April 23, 2006
A name given to a soccer player who shoots so hard that he can actually break the net when scoring a goal. Based on a soccer anime.
Defender 1: Did you see Jimmy's goal?
Defender 2: Yeah, he made a hole in the net.
Defender 1: Man, he's Tsubasa! The goalkeeper was smart by not touching the ball.
by Captain Sham May 01, 2006

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