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A person or thing that falls in the same genre as dank, kind, or sharing characteristics of one that may be considered a 'hippie'. Things that are headie often cater to being easy going and put no stress on the individual enjoying the object.
I just bought this headie bowl.

You see that headie dude's dreads over there?!
by P June 03, 2004
A collection of material used as an visual aid during masturbation.
"Damn girl, you look fine in that photo- its going in my wank-bank"
by P May 28, 2004
The AIDS virus. Hi-V.
She went off to college and graduated with the high five.
by P August 10, 2003
someone or something cool
thats a real killa car
by p January 15, 2004
A very small south american boy who gets lots of females.
Hey! Its Diogo!
by P May 15, 2003
Slang for pot/cannabis. Derived from the expression to 'poke smot.'
Got any smot?
by P June 03, 2004
An unexpected hit in the jewels.
Man, yout crzy dog just nut checked me. He's lucky I don't monkey punch him.
by P August 24, 2003

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