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1: British slang: Moving very fast
2: Transport by car, extremely difficult in UK due to excessive taxation by Gordon Brown, numerous Gatso cameras, speed bumps, Ken Livingstone. Impossible in London.
1: Jesus, he was motoring!
2: Ken Livingstone hates motoring
by oracle February 05, 2004
1: Was prosecuted.
2: Was defrauded.
3: Was fucked (in any sense).
1: "Daves got done for stopping on a red route"
2: "I got done for that saxo, it cost me £3000"
3: "She got done by steve after the club"
by oracle March 12, 2004
1. Sow
2. Bzak mooey
3. Welfare fraud
Queenheartles, while snarfing in the trough, mooed at the simulated train running thru the kitchen, getting soot all over her poo-poo undies.
by Oracle December 17, 2003
An extremely bad club in Golders Green, London. About the size of my living room, and filled with tossers with moustakis.
Someone: "Let's go to klub extreme!"
Me: "Let's not."
by oracle March 19, 2006
To become annoyed.
Im gonna cop the needle in a minute!
by oracle March 12, 2004
Inner London motorway system planned in the 1970s but never built (hence the horrendous jams today). Term can be used for any worthwhile government project that never materialises, such as the often touted "Birmingham underground" system.
The government will never build an underground system in Birmingham. It will be just like the London Box. Maybe there was a deal in the 1960s that Birmingham will get reasonable roads and London will get reasonable trains.
by oracle January 31, 2005
Weak lager beer, such as Carling, Fosters etc. Tastes like piss and drunk by the bucketload by scallies (but its only 3.5%).
Stop drinking that disco piss you scally wanker and get a proper beverage.
by oracle December 18, 2004

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