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Longest (and normally busiest) motorway in the UK. Runs between Rugby (where it joins the M1 to London, and the Scottish border near Carlisle. The road continues (under the number M74) to Glasgow.
The road passes through the major industrial conurbations of the West Midlands (Birmingham) and the North West (Liverpool and Manchester).

The West Midland section (previously the busiest stretch of road in Europe, incorporating spaghetti junction) was bypassed in 2003 by the UK's first toll motorway, the M6 toll.
'There's a severe jam on the M6'
by oracle January 28, 2006
Posting too many definitions on urbandictionary.com
Oh dear its 4am and i could do with some sleep
by oracle March 12, 2004
A driver who speeds through yellow lights in order to get through before they turn red.
everyones an amber gambler
by oracle August 19, 2004
Slang and newspaper term for Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone, due to his communist associations.
Headline: "Red Ken extends congestion charge"
by oracle February 11, 2004
Large car park near Birmingham and Tamworth. Used as storage area for traffic cones and occasionally as motorway. See M25.
Im stuck on the M42
by oracle February 05, 2004
Long strip of tarmac or concrete, used for motoring. Regularly sabotaged by new labour.
The roads are hell today
by oracle February 05, 2004
An unspecified short amount of time (usually less than an hour).

Can be used to indicate that events will follow a normal timescale, or otherwise be used to postpone an event for a time.

A 'bit' usually refers to the expected or average amount of time that should be taken to complete the task in question.
When postponing an event, however, a 'bit' can be considerably longer.

Eg, If you are due to visit a friend who lives a 15 minute drive away, to be round 'in a bit' could indicate that you will be there in about 1/2 hour, 15 minutes preparation to leave and 15 minutes driving.

The expression 'in a bit' is often used in Midland dialect as a farewell, similar to laters.

'A bit' should not however be confused with 'Quite a bit', which always indicates an unusually large amount of time (or something else), and is analogous to a 'while'.
"I'll be round yours in a bit"
by oracle October 27, 2006

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