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X-FM, the best radio station in london. It plays metal and rock music (no pop, rap or hip-hop thank god!).
X-fm, 104.9 FM
by Xhzjang April 08, 2004
xfm is alive and well in London on 104.9! ive got it on now!
This is Richard Bacon on XFM..
by oracle March 12, 2004
Xfm {1998~2003} is the best radio station in whole British Columbia. It was originally owned by Rogers Telecommunication but in November 26th, 2003, Rogers decided to cancel this station because they thought Rap and R&B stations were having better response. 104.9 Xfm was a best radio station in Vancouver and now Vancouverites are left with 99.3 FOX. and the 104.9 is now a ChristmasFM.
I write this in memorial of 104.9 Xfm... The Best RADIO STATION with the best Music (ROCK & METAL)
Xfm was off the air yesterday.
by WK Coke can December 09, 2003

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