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1. "Shall we do it?" in Japanese.
2. a 2ch fad that came from a yaoi comic which featured an image of a man wearing a jumpsuit pulling down a zipper. This is commonly used in 2ch flashes with the head of Mona or some other 2ch mascot, often times with a speech bubble saying "Come On!" Is used occasionally at the american *chans but not as often.
"Yaranaika!" ....
There's not really much i can say that hasn't been mentioned above
by oolong December 29, 2004
Noun - what one has taken when they smoke a dose of marijuana from a bong. See bong hit.
Tran took a bong rip before the job interview in order to calm his nerves.
by oolong August 17, 2006
The name of the gesture wherein a person lays the wrist horizontally along the forehead, palm forward with fingers stretched, while simultaneously tipping the head back and making a woeful, closed-eyed face. Its meaning is roughly equivelant to the phrase 'le sigh' and may be used as an exclamatory phrase in this way or shouted as an accompaniment to the gesture (a la jazz hands).
While the name is relatively modern, the gesture itself has been around for centuries, most often associated with poets, southern belles, and being poncy. In modern times, it is most often used facetiously in the context of someone acting melodramatic, self-deprecatory, passive-aggressive, and/or victimized. E.g., emo.
<Jack> No one's commented on my MySpace for a whole week! I guess that means I'm just a fundamentally flawed, unlovable person.
<Jill> *emo salute*
by oolong August 03, 2006
'ass-TIST-ik'. Noun. A statistic that is 'pulled out of one's ass', or made to sound valid but is actually made up.
'asstistical' and 'asstistically' are the adjective and adverbial forms respectively.
Bob: I read about some college did a study that found when monkeys were given marijuana they learned to solve puzzles faster than the ones that weren't.
Fred: What college was that - Asstistic University?
by oolong August 19, 2006
Pronunciation: ELL-ess-DOO-doo
Noun. The particularly noxious byproduct of the stomach distress that often signifies the beginning of an acid trip. Sometimes called acid poo, though that term may also be used as a synonym for diarrhea.
Erika vowed to never use the porto-potties after catching a whiff of a thousand hippies' LSdoodoo.
by oolong August 17, 2006
In electronic dance music circles, especially Techno and Drum & Bass, an adjective used to describe a hard, filtered sound to a song or drum loop. usually a positive statement. see ill or grimey.
It's my favorite track right now - the bassline is fuckin' dirty as hell!
by oolong August 19, 2005
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