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Not using something to it's full potential
A: How did you spend your 1,000 dollars.

B: Spent it on my girlfriend

A: Way to snack at a buffet, asshole.

A: I heard C only uses his Xbox for music

B: Yeah, he's definitely snacking at a buffet
by Onemanarmy675 November 11, 2011
After ejaculating on your partner, shouting WA-WA-WA! Like Chachi from Happy Days.
Boy A: My girlfriend really likes Happy Days, so I pulled a Scott Baio mayo on her.

Boy B: Nice!
by Onemanarmy675 November 05, 2011
When one's parents are to "stalk" their Facebook page, hunting for vulgar or inappropriate language or posts.
A: Can you hang today man?

B: Nope, I'm grounded.

A: Why?

B: For saying "Fuck" on Facebook.

A: Wow, so they were parental stalking you again?

B: Mhmm, I'm sick of their shit, I'm blocking them when I'm ungrounded.
by Onemanarmy675 November 14, 2011
Eating food whilst masturbating
A: I heard about edible panties, and man am I hungry and horny.

B: Have you tried snacking off?
by onemanarmy675 November 18, 2011
To perform anal sex.
Boy A: Hey B, Where's your girlfriend?

Boy B: She's not here today, she's on crutches.

Boy A: What happened?

Boy B: Oh, I ass assassinated her last night.
by Onemanarmy675 November 05, 2011
Someone who is overly sensitive about their penile hygiene.
Girl A: So did he want the anal you offered him?

Girl B: No, he said it would take forever to clean it.

Girl A: Jesus, He's such a penis hygienist!
by Onemanarmy675 November 05, 2011
The act of ejaculating on your partners chest, and sliding across the "slip n' slide". Shouting "WEEEEE!" at the top of your lungs is preferred.
A: Damn, she broke up with you? Why?
B: I gave her a Mexican slip n' slide.
A: O.O
by Onemanarmy675 November 09, 2011
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