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An acronym that stands for Bitch Over Shoulder Sightseeing. Used when your parents/siblings have figured out what POS means. Especially useful because of it's alternate definition.
See POS.
aimfriend: So yeah, at the party last night, how many beers did you..

aimyou: yeah it was BOSS, man!

aimfriend: Oh, right.. Um, yeah, what was the algebra homework again?
by Olivia March 12, 2005
stuff. kinda like shit, but in a cooler way. your personal stuff.
Check out my shizzle
by olivia January 09, 2004
adj. A combo of stanky and junky meaning un favorable.
Ewww you should clean your room, its so janky!
by olivia February 29, 2004
"you stupid git!"
by Olivia May 01, 2003
it means..how 'splendid' 'wonderful' 'great'
wow that new top is so Bish
by Olivia April 21, 2003
someone who inspires others to smoke weed
...i think you can get the picture!
by Olivia November 11, 2004
hizzle meanz herre.
letz go up in hizzle 4 shizzle my nizzle
by Olivia February 29, 2004
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