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to dance in an uncontrollable manner; imaculate danceing; the shit in the dance world
when you wenal you wenal with it! It is alway imaculate the first time you wenal! PENAL+WENIS= WENAL!
#dance #bump #grind #imaculate #wenis #penal
by Olivia June 17, 2006
First baseman for the Sox, and possibly the funniest player. He's my dawg.
"Kevin Millar hit a homer last night"
by Olivia December 26, 2004
someone with a home in a suburbian area
background-urbie kids with pity or hatred to burbies
"You are a burbie, you live in Evanston"
by Olivia March 21, 2005
is when to hoes get together and be lesbians together
I used to have hoes who triflin`..now i got pros who dykin`..it`s excitin`
#dike #dykin #gay #lesbians #carpet munchers
by OliViA May 16, 2007
a girls private part
that girl gotta phat nerchy!!
by Olivia April 17, 2005
a girls private part her pussy
that girl got a fat nerchy!
by Olivia April 17, 2005
a small person who feels the need to show off or prove themself because they feel inferior. quite annoying.
"small people attention craver"
Who, Tom? I hate that spac!
#spaz #annoying #small people #show off #slut
by Olivia June 15, 2006
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