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someone who has a nice little band containing a wash board, a whiskey jug, and two spoons. and also doesn't appreciate when someone is PLAYIN POSSUM.
"ya bettah not be plahyin possum wit me boy"
by olivia September 27, 2003
A ferret like creature that lives amoungst you in your home. Normally drinks pints of the dark stuff (nig nog) and annoys you by never sleeping and doubling up as Rosemarie's baby
Hey Egg Nog - keep your evil anits to yourself you Nig Nog loving coon!
by olivia November 17, 2003
when a male cannot find a girl to have sex with so he is forced to pleasure himself.
noah is to ugly so he jacks off a WHOLE lot
by Olivia July 18, 2004
Hip hop is the anti-movement. Take Lional Richie for example, his music was intended to close the gap between identifiable black and white music. There was a movement for equality for all men, (known as the civil rights movement) and with todays hip hop music, that gap is quickly being torn open. For estetic purposes Hip Hop music is realistic. Although my respect for it ends there.
Hip hop is the anti-movement.
by Olivia January 05, 2006

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