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4 definitions by nsplayer

A Half-Life programmer and voogru member that has made a few amusing contributions to his buddies.
Rofl, did you see that TSA Marine model for TS that Sniper Chance made??
by NSPlayer August 02, 2003
2 0
An offensive name that can be given to any male with extraordinarily skinny or slim fingers.
Ewww! Get off of me, paque!
by nsplayer November 07, 2003
2 8
A particularly odd red cowboy hat with a large moustache and spastic appendiges.

See Also: cowboy
MonsE sent PlanetHL several 2.0 screens, but Fragmaster gave them as much coverage as Daikatana at a QuakeCon.
by NSPlayer July 24, 2003
25 40
a great NSplayer
damn you are so nomble
by NSPlayer July 29, 2003
2 34