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A Half-Life programmer and voogru member that has made a few amusing contributions to his buddies.
Rofl, did you see that TSA Marine model for TS that Sniper Chance made??
by NSPlayer August 02, 2003
An offensive name that can be given to any male with extraordinarily skinny or slim fingers.
Ewww! Get off of me, paque!
by nsplayer November 07, 2003
A particularly odd red cowboy hat with a large moustache and spastic appendiges.

See Also: cowboy
MonsE sent PlanetHL several 2.0 screens, but Fragmaster gave them as much coverage as Daikatana at a QuakeCon.
by NSPlayer July 24, 2003
a great NSplayer
damn you are so nomble
by NSPlayer July 29, 2003

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