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What the middle finger used to mean.
UP YOURS You piece of shit.
by ninja4 March 16, 2005
A cool online RPG that pwns everything with swords and weird names.
I played kingdomofloathing yesterday, it pwns.
by ninja4 February 28, 2005
This means uber pwning someone to the m4x. This is the greatest type of pwn.
I just ultra pwn'd that newbie.
by ninja4 February 28, 2005
1. when you have a party and not fall asleep.

2. When you study all night.

3. When you have sex all night.
1. Man I pulled a all-nighter with the power of caffenine.

2.I had to study all night.

3. My gf and I had hot sex all night.
by ninja4 March 16, 2005
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