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9 definitions by ninja4

What the middle finger used to mean.
UP YOURS You piece of shit.
by ninja4 March 16, 2005
Another name for wonchop
look at wonchop suck his own penis
by ninja4 February 16, 2005
A cool online RPG that pwns everything with swords and weird names.
I played kingdomofloathing yesterday, it pwns.
by ninja4 February 28, 2005
This means uber pwning someone to the m4x. This is the greatest type of pwn.
I just ultra pwn'd that newbie.
by ninja4 February 28, 2005
A person who is super violent.
Look at that person kick the chickins.
by ninja4 February 28, 2005
A very 1337 orgy

Very very 1337
onfg I had a 0rgy with that 1337 chick
by ninja4 March 07, 2005
1. when you have a party and not fall asleep.

2. When you study all night.

3. When you have sex all night.
1. Man I pulled a all-nighter with the power of caffenine.

2.I had to study all night.

3. My gf and I had hot sex all night.
by ninja4 March 16, 2005