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A word used by hispanics to define northamericans.
It's written and pronounced ''gringo'', and used more often than you think.
"Look at those greengos on the tour bus!"

"I saw some gringos taking tons of pictures at the ruins"
by *karla* August 18, 2006
In COD, the non-party-member of the team has a green arrow instead of a blue one. They usually wander around aimlessly (like a gringo). This player is automatically considered ill-fated due to their usual/predictable lack of skill. They are closely related in usefulness to that of the "red shirt".
"Stay the hell away from that Greengo dude!"


"Follow that Greengo and use him as a diversion!"
by Fracken McKracken January 05, 2011
Mexican term for someone who lives in the war-happy imperialistic country "United States of America".
American racial slur equivalent to the German racial slur "Nazi".
"Damn greengo people took our land and now they call it "NEW mexico"! "
by nightlover May 21, 2012
green means go, and the word gringo is a spanish term meaning white boy.
Watch me beat this greengo
by AdamRamone March 26, 2005
a right sided white boy, usually racist, called so because green complements the redness of their necks.
look at dat greengo in his f350
by grn rhymes with mean July 10, 2008
GREENGO is a person or persons who believe in and promote the concept of excessive man-made global warming, while refusing to hear or examine the truth about its enormity or other causes which contribute to it. People who capitalize on the "green movement" to market their green products and profit from it.
General Electric's new bulbs that replaced incandescent lamp are filled with mercury vapor and is now proven to be more dangerous to humans and other living things than the benefit it gives. Cleaning up after a broken bulb is expensive if we abide by EPA rules and might cost about $1,000 according to one victim's account, and proven by a reporter in New York city in the Spring of 2009.

Al Gore is the supreme Greengo.
by Drew Jackson July 19, 2009
1.A white person who always tries to degrade hispanics/blacks/anyone who isn't there race in anyway, for example:"mow my lawn wetback"-greengo.
2.Also known as redneck.
3.Racist FUCKS
lets go fuck up that greengo.
by sc_melly August 23, 2006

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