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A Person of Cambodian descent.. Much like Khmer
My friend Sophannie is Khmai
by Nicole December 24, 2003
-good chronic marijuana usually sold around winter time or christmas
-also referred to as christmas weed
Man, this Christmas bud is good shit
by nicole December 12, 2004
the sickest,meanest, bad ass rhymes or mind
that was the f*ckin illest shit eva.
by nicole October 23, 2003
someone, usually a young girl, who likes a band only because they are popular and good looking. sometimes known as a poseur
"anna is a teeny because she shops at hot topic and listens to good charlotte"

"screw you, teeny!"
by nicole February 21, 2004
mercedes the popular girl's definition is all anyone needs to figure out why everyone hates the "popular girls." Most people who think they are "popular" are only that because they believe it. Normally, everyone hates popular girls, there are some exceptions, but not many.
Popular girl 1: Lyke, Oh mi gawd!!Did you see TRL yesterday?
Popular girl 2: Hellz yes!! That new Yellowcard video is like, so fetch!!111
by Nicole November 30, 2004
nadsat for little................. originated from the Russian word malyenkiyi....
...my brother, you have malenky yarbles
by nicole August 23, 2004
He is the man every women wants, hes sexy, great at what he does, and with one look in to his eyes, he can reduce any women in to a 15 year old girl.
There’s a flame that leads all souls astray No one’s safe from its tender touch of pain Everyday it’s looking for new slaves To celebrate the beauty of the grave We are like the living dead Sacrificing all we have For a frozen heart and a soul on fire
by Nicole April 17, 2004

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