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190 definitions by nicole

A game where a group of guys jack off in a circle, where a cookie is placed in the middle. The last guy to cum on the cookie, must eat the cookie with all the cum on it.
haha, joe you came last, so eat the limp bizkit!
by nicole January 11, 2004
255 131
abbreviated tumbleweed
strong marijuana
"We be smokin dat tweed till we fall in the grave." -Bone Thugs N Harmony
by Nicole April 05, 2004
163 47
another way of talking about marijuana
Wanna go fetch some greenery?

Wanna take a hit off the greenery?
by Nicole February 15, 2004
129 15
I love you too, : in response to Olive juice.
by Nicole September 26, 2003
199 94
the day after 420

Remains Smokeout

many people still have shit from the day before, so on 421 they blaze up their remaining buds
Dude after 420 we can still blaze up on 421
by nicole April 21, 2004
145 42
to fall with a lot of force
Dude after I ran into the door, I ate shit so bad.
by Nicole February 18, 2004
109 16
-messed up
-the act of being gangster
-when something is ghetto
-to act ridiculous/stupid

(not to be used as a racial slur)
Hold up, man, gotta restart my computer. It's being niggerly.

Look at his niggerly walk

Damn dude, that car is niggerly.

Dude, stop being niggerly.
by nicole April 20, 2004
130 45