188 definitions by nicole

-messed up
-the act of being gangster
-when something is ghetto
-to act ridiculous/stupid

(not to be used as a racial slur)
Hold up, man, gotta restart my computer. It's being niggerly.

Look at his niggerly walk

Damn dude, that car is niggerly.

Dude, stop being niggerly.
by nicole April 20, 2004
-when someone in general sucks
-when someone causes something to happen that sucks
-when someone is wrong
BamBam: 2 plus 2 is 5 right?
Ryan: No...Dude you suck at life
by Nicole February 15, 2004
The situation created by an irresponsible mother who does not put put her child's well being above her need to "get back" at the child's father. The drama increases when another woman begins to date the single dad.
I prefer to date single men so I don't have to put up with baby mamma drama.
by Nicole December 12, 2003
a message sent between cell phones.
I just got another text from him.
by nicole June 29, 2004
Decent place to live as long as you stay away from the West part and Norfolk.
lets raise a family in VA Beach
by Nicole October 18, 2004
A gift-giving game whereby participants are able to select a gift from the pool but run the risk of having it stolen if another participant on their subsequent selection turn decides they want it!
Office Christmas Game
by Nicole December 15, 2003
A corn God from the movie "Children of the corn"
Did you really think that He Who Walks Behind The Rows would allow you to escape?
by Nicole February 18, 2004
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