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A talentless girl who tries to be punk but can't. She gives all punk people a bad name, she should just jump off a cliff and DIE!
Slut, whore, bitch, crack head, hoe
by Nicole September 09, 2004
Bands that try to be "punk" or "heavy metal"
Good Charlotte, Blink 182, Sum 41, Avril Lavigne, etc.
by Nicole April 17, 2004
an exclamation
usually when getting hurt or finding out bad news
-Says here you failed the 12th grade.
-...SON OF A!
by nicole July 30, 2004
an obstacle that no one can get through
"I suck at life."
by Nicole February 16, 2004
Comedian Dave Attell's jokingly derogatory term for an Eskimo or Innu person.
"So, the Eskimos-- or, as I call them, 'Snow Mexicans'..."
by nicole May 28, 2004
Someone who's main pleasure in life is derived from dressing fashionably; this is often accompanied by the collection of obscenely large quanitities of clothing that may or may not be worn more than once.
me: I went shopping again >guilty shuffling of feet<
friend: What did you buy?
me: This dress. It was $150.00
(sidenote: we are poor students)
friend: OH MY GOD!
me: No but wait - it was half price!!!
friend: >rolls eyes< Didn't you buy a pair of stilletos last week that were "half price"? That's MEANINGLESS. You're such a clotheshorse.
by Nicole September 04, 2003
hottest guy ever!!!!! omfg i can't even put him in words. he is god and he is amazing i love him more than my life and the air i breath i would die for him! nicole loves billy!
i want to have billy martin's babies
by Nicole March 29, 2005

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