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13 definitions by nickidewbear

A German and Ashkenazic Jewish variant of "Koenig" or "King"; and in some cases, "Koenig" may well be a variant of "Kohein"-- given that the German "Koenig" means "King" and koheinim (priests) were the head caste in Ancient Israel.
Woody Allen was born as a "Koenig", but not a "Koenigstein".
by Nickidewbear August 18, 2011
Variant of "Yeshua" or "Yushke" used in Hebrew- or Yiddish-speaking and other Jewish communities. Sometimes derogatory, "Yeshu" is usually just used by Non-Messianic Jews who just don't know better.
The derogatory use of "Yeshu" is an acronym to refer specifically to the Messianic Jewish (Christian) and historical figure Yeshua in terms of "Yemach shemo uv'zichrono"-- literally, "May his name and memory be wiped out."
by Nickidewbear August 19, 2011
Yiddish equivalent to German "Frau"- "woman".
That meshugah froy has chutzpah: she's no good Jewish girl. She's a shiske corva.
by Nickidewbear May 21, 2011
A Hispanic and Jewish last name, such as folk singer Joan Baez has. An infamous bearer of the "Baez" surname is an unethical and immoral Puerto-Rican New Yorker named Jose "Juanie Cochran" Baez; who shamed the Hispanic, New Yorker (including Hispanic New Yorker), and legal and law-enforcement communities by conspiring to perjure and witness tamper in order to help acquit a infantocidal sociopath named Casey Marie Anthony.
"Look; at least that guy wasn't a Jose Baez-- so you can't down the legal system completely. Cochran, Baez-- who cares? At least he recused himself from representing Levi Aron when he knew that he murdered Leiby Kletzky."
by Nickidewbear August 18, 2011
The only Pro-Israel candidate (as seen at the Ames, Iowa GOP Debate) in the 2012 GOP Presidential Race, Former Governor Tim Pawlenty (originally pronounced "Pav-lent-y") (R-MN) may even be a Cohen (given that, according to Wargs.com, one of his great-grandmothers was born as Julia Koenig; and in some cases, "Koenig" may well be a variant of "Kohein"-- given that the German "Koenig" means "King" and koheinim (priests) were the head caste in Ancient Israel).
In stark constrast to the other GOP Candidates in Ames, Iowa; Former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty not only mentioned Israel directly (as did Texas Representative Ron Paul), but (unlike Ron Paul) voiced support for Israel.
by Nickidewbear August 18, 2011
The Ashkenazic Jewish (Yiddish) counterpart to the Sefardic Jewish (Ladino) "kasher", both derived from "kashrut". The antonym is "treif"; literally "torn", broadly "unclean" or "inedible".
Actual conversation on YouTube video "Re Seth Porges and Chipoltes (Not For Those Sensitive To Profanity)", in reference to Chipoltle's trief incident with pinto beans:

Kosher is a pain to keep up with

roark100 24 minutes ago

@roark100 So are hospital bills for Chron's, Cholitis, etc.. Meanwhile, I indulge ocassionally (i.e., the infamous Farrell-DeBoy crap soup, guaranteed to scratch your intestines out if you eat too much; and that's why I have only one bowl at the family reunions). But actually, kosher is relatively easy-- simple rule of thumb: if you wouldn't eat it, it's probably not kosher. "If you wouldn't eat it" includes dogs, cats, shellfish (Look up what they filter.), horses, Spam, bats, & other non food.

Nickidewbear 3 minutes ago
by Nickidewbear August 19, 2011