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Usually a last name of someone who is extremely sexy and really knows how to please the opposite sex. Most women would be hardpressed to find a better lover.
Kelly- "hey, did you sleep with your boyfriend yet?"

Steph- "Yeah, he gave me that Baez love"
by Breal007 September 02, 2008
A Hispanic and Jewish last name, such as folk singer Joan Baez has. An infamous bearer of the "Baez" surname is an unethical and immoral Puerto-Rican New Yorker named Jose "Juanie Cochran" Baez; who shamed the Hispanic, New Yorker (including Hispanic New Yorker), and legal and law-enforcement communities by conspiring to perjure and witness tamper in order to help acquit a infantocidal sociopath named Casey Marie Anthony.
"Look; at least that guy wasn't a Jose Baez-- so you can't down the legal system completely. Cochran, Baez-- who cares? At least he recused himself from representing Levi Aron when he knew that he murdered Leiby Kletzky."
by Nickidewbear August 18, 2011
The Baez is an Infectious disease not to be messed with.How to Knoe if you have the Baez: if you spontaneously sprout a Fro, Make a preverted joke, or hit on women WAY too hot for you.
"OH NO! you have the BAEZ!!!!! You mite wanna get checked"
by AmberLynn XXXRAWXXX February 08, 2010
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