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An "antimissionary" or "counter-missionary" is one who believes that religious-supremacy should be countered in a like manner to other supremacist ideologies. A missionary is one who believes that all different cultures and religions must be dismantled and destroyed in favor of a supreme religion. An antimissionary is one who disagrees, and counters by advocating for toleration and understanding. One of the most vocal antimissionary groups is Jews for Judaism whose name is a parody of the evangelical, religious-supremacist, Christian group Jews for Jesus.
Peter: I really wish antimissionaries would stop persecuting me when I'm evangelizing!

Avi: How are they persecuting you?

Peter: Whenever I advocate for the absolute destruction of other faiths and cultures in favor of my own faith and culture, they always object!

Avi: Maybe you should stop advocating for the destruction of other faiths and cultures, and learn to live in peace...

Peter: Avi! You sound just like an antimissionary! Stop persecuting me by denying my right to persecute others!
by Yechiel_HaLusitani January 11, 2016
Also "Counter Missionary", "Antimissionary" denotes an individual Non-Messianic Jew or gentile (i.e., a Jew or gentile who is not a Christian) who will delibarately go out of his or her way to persecute Christians-- in particular, Jewish Christians.
An infamous Antimissionary organization is Jews for Judaism, supported by websites such as JewFAQ.
by Nickidewbear August 19, 2011
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