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62 definitions by nic

A resturaunt so funny, that when I pass it, I want to rearrange letters...
Nic took the lights out of D, D, R, and the U as he snuck into Fuddruckers.
by Nic January 20, 2004
44 23
Sweetest punani u ever did lick
Wifey gots pusseta
by Nic November 10, 2003
46 27
The brunt of 90% of the racist jokes in nohunters, and one of the leading campers.
my stereo is missing... where the fuck is Jaood?
by Nic March 19, 2003
20 3
When fucking a girl doggy style right before you finish you put your dick in her ass and yell, "El Bandito!"
My girl is mad cuz I El Bandito'd her last night.
by Nic July 19, 2003
44 33
someone who forces anal sex on someone.
Man that guy in the bar was such a butt nazi!
by Nic August 27, 2003
28 18
Any object that is boob-like or is of boob origin.
Thats a nice boobal area you have there.
Your a boobal head.
by Nic March 06, 2004
25 16
The big, ugly, worthless, waste of money piece of shit system usually known as xbox. If you need something to kill a cow with, this will do just fine.
I killed a steer today with my xbrick.
by Nic September 28, 2003
40 35