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5 definitions by nachoworm

A phrase to yell when things are not going well.
When Losing at Tetris Jake yelled "Limp as."
by nachoworm February 19, 2010
A phrase to yell when things are going well.
When Jake was doing well at Tetris he yelled "Stiff as!"
by nachoworm February 19, 2010
When circumstances make it appropriate to use the word 'cunt'.
Mother: "Oh that lady was a cunt"
Daughter: "You can't say that!"
Mother: "It was in cuntext!"
by nachoworm December 04, 2010
A conversation between two individuals that is cuntfull.
Annie "But you can never use the word cuntext out of context."
Matt "What does cuntext mean?"
Annie "Ugh, this is turning into a right cuntversation"
by nachoworm December 08, 2010
The act of checking on a table in a dining environment after all members of the table have eaten approximately two bites of their food. This is standard hospitality procedure.
Hey, can you please two bite check table 26 for me, the guy at cover one is a pretentious asshole and I can't bear the thought of going back there.
by nachoworm August 08, 2010