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treating guest or strangers in a friendly/generous way.
His hospitality has encouraged other people to help out other people.
by Grace24 June 06, 2007
Something you can't piss on because you're dad won't allow it.

A line spoken from the horrible movie troll 2
Micheal: You see this writing!.... you know what it means!?!...... Hospitality... And you can't piss on Hospitality! I won't allow it!
by oh my gooooooooooooooooood June 14, 2010
Kissing as much ass as possible to maximize profit.
"Excuse me sir, there isn't a chocolate on my pillow! This is terrible hospitality."

"Sorry sir, we will have that sorted right away. Also, enjoy this complimentary hooker."
by Mr. Bombastic November 04, 2007