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To be truly fed up with something, usually if you are a female.
"Dodi, I've had a cuntfull of that jug-eared husband of mine, fancy taking me for a drive round Paris?"


"Listen Kurt, I've had a cuntfull of your miserable songs, why don't you blow your fucking head off with that shotgun!"
by Bob Sometimes September 04, 2004
19 6
A small amount. Not much. Very little.
Beddy :- Nar then cocky, what's up?
Mr Lee :- Don't know why you bothered running K58 trip from Hunslet today, only had a cuntfull on it!
Beddy :- Because, cocky, I've got a shedfull to send on its backworking. Now send the engine over to the down yard.
(K58 is the train i.d.)
by swineyvee October 11, 2006
2 6