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v. The uncomfortable sensation resulting from a turd repeatedly pressing against the rectal sphincter and having to be squeezed back in; analogous to a prairie dog popping its head in & out of its burrow.
Damn, I gotta find me a shitter fast cuz I'm prairie doggin one monster of a log!
by nemo November 04, 2002
junk, stuff, thing
hey, slob, can you unload all that janx from the dishwasher.
by nemo August 11, 2003
Mauritius is a small island in the Indian with about 1.3 Millions people living there. One of the favourite touristic destination. Don't wonder why!! It's got amazing beaches with amazing birds on them. If you are a beer drinker, then You must have the PHOENIX !!
by Nemo November 09, 2003
frothy beverage normally consumed on mondays in celebration of Malt Liquor Monday. Can be consumed at other times during the week. Usually found in 40 oz bottles, but is also a steal in the 6 pack of 16 oz hurricanes for $3.87.
Drink malt liquor, its not as bad as you think.
by nemo September 20, 2004
Side Note: When this term appears in scripts for The Simpsons, it appears as the words "ANNOYED GRUNT"

Bart quickly flees the kitchen with Homer's wallet

BART: "See Ya, Home-Boy"
by nemo March 30, 2004
a.k.a. 'Dollar Store,' place where you can find some items usually found at Wal~Mart at a convenient Wal~Mart-like price, and only takes a few minutes to get them. Visited more often around August, when parents stock up on school supplies.
stupid people like kebo don't realize that everything in the dollar general like um...the toys and garden hoses, don't break. and anybody who go to dollar general not stupid enough to get toys and garden hoses there. if you need a pack of hanes t-shirts, dollar general. if you need some school paper, dollar general. if you need kool-aid, dollar general. get certain things you can find at wal~mart, only faster.
by nemo April 30, 2004
someone who is socially incapable and/or a douchebag
you are a fucking igit
by nemo August 29, 2003

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