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Performing an ostentatious but meaningless act in an attempt to appear more important or competent than one is. Also mickeymouse. May be used as a verb, noun or adjective.
1. There is an election coming up, so the usual band of mediocre politicians are sure to mickeymouse at the airport when our Olympic medallists are welcomed home.

2. He changed all the street names and repainted the bus shelters, but that was just mickeymousing to distract people from his incompetence as mayor.

3. Our mickeymousing CEO is at it again, loudly blaming everyone but himself for the disastrous decline of the company since he took over.
by mynah1 January 28, 2010
Links unrelated to your search that dominate your Google results because your search term has another, more obscure meaning. The latter is usually a personal or brand name, a porn slang term or the pseudonym of an extremely prolific blogger.
I'm doing research on the bird group known as Corvida, but since a woman who calls herself Corvida Raven started her own network, 90 percent of my search results turn out to be webnoise.
by mynah1 June 02, 2009
An income that appears adequate, but melts away to nothing almost at once.
#1: What do you mean you can't afford to go out? It's payday, and you had a raise last month!

#2: (Sighs) "Nah, I have a cotton candy income. Just as soon as the rent, rates and taxes, insurance and credit card installment go off I'll be back in the red..."
by mynah1 September 15, 2009
An agent hired to sing one's praises to potential clients or employers.
#1: "This woman describes herself as a brilliant, innovative photojournalist in her job application. Can you imagine anyone being that full of herself?"

#2: "Of course not, really foolish of her: She should have hired a boastwriter to sing her praises in the third person, like most well-known people do."
by mynah1 February 20, 2010
A guy who is shunned by the girl network for kissing and telling.
Girl #1: Why did you turn down that date with Tom?

Girl #2: Are you crazy? After he told the whole pub the details of his night in bed with Natalie, he's a grapevine goner!
by mynah1 March 18, 2009
Investigative journalism aimed at bringing the dirty secrets of a well-known person to light - in other words, exposing an asshole.
The official seemed set for a successful political career until a brilliant piece of moon journalism exposed his fraudulent activities.
by mynah1 September 18, 2009
Cancel retrospectively, especially an embarrassing conversation.
Can we please just unhave that drunken chat of last night about the penis sizes of the guys at work?
by mynah1 September 07, 2009

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