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to wipe out a computer system and reload from scratch
Buddy, your computer is completely riddled with viruses. My suggestion is we nuke n pave.
by myk4bz October 20, 2006
an extremely small dick
Buddy was afraid to change with the guys before and after hockey games because he was hung like a light switch.
by myk4bz October 27, 2006
One who goes out for lunch with anyone, anywhere.
I thought I saw Mike at lunch yesterday with Jenifer at Wendy's?

Yeah, and here he is today with Tara at Taco Bell.

I'd never go out with that lunch slut!
by myk4bz October 03, 2006
a verb describing the act of grocery shopping
Honey, we gotta stop all this impulse buying while we're out grocering this weekend.
by myk4bz February 20, 2007
An endearing term for hard nipples protruding through garments.
"Oh look honey, it must be cold outside. Your shnippies have popped out to say Hi."
by myk4bz November 13, 2006
disgusting explosive diahrrea
Hey Buddy, I'm gonna be spray painting in the bathroom. You might wanna stay outta there for a while.
by myk4bz October 20, 2006
A state of being

Coined by Scott Ian of the band Anthrax then later made popular by the movie Wayne's world.
He's a GREAT singer.... NOT!
by myk4bz October 20, 2006
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