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1. N- The state of being more drunk than anyone on the planet, surpassing even what were thought to be previously unattainable limits; state of drunkness that is beyond comprehension; the effect if which is causing someone to say "Man, can't get any drunker than that,"...and proving them wrong.
1. Damn, did you see Joe last night, he got sketed off of 3/4 a bottle of whiskey.
by Murph April 21, 2005
n. Vagina
"Ol' Bobby made a silk purse outta me sow's ear!"
by Murph February 19, 2004
n. One who causes a problem

Origin: Barney -> Barney Rubble -> Rubble -> Trouble... you get the picture
We've been at the bar for 10 minutes and we've already run into a barney.
by Murph February 22, 2005
Fire Crotch, One who has Red pubic hair and red hair atop their head.
What is up my* fellow FC? *Narator having Red Hair
by Murph January 05, 2004
(adj.) a slutty woman.
Look at that cum dumpster over there
by Murph January 16, 2003
n. Perineum. The region between one's anus and one's genitals.
"If you lick her fot
she'll love you lots."

by Murph February 19, 2004
Two percent of the male population has an erect penis over nine inches.
He unzipped and pulled out his two percenter.
by murph January 26, 2005

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