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The sound made by a "nine" when being used to "pop a cap" in ones rear end.

Also associated with splitting wigs.
- blocka blocka! - OW! MY ASS!
by bitchnigga October 20, 2003
A word used to imitate the sound of shooting.
"Blocka, blocka, blocka, blocka, boy dey you go" - Ace Hood
by Theoriginaldoobiebrother November 12, 2008
The other night my boy and I sniffed a bunch of blocka with some strippers at the rhino.
Damn, I'm out of blocka!
by DJPEEZY November 08, 2013
fuck you, fuck it
blocka motherfucker!
by jc July 16, 2003
A person who is world renowned and widely respected in the modified car and bike scene as well as online forums.
That bloke Blocka, he is a champ
by Punisher304 July 10, 2008
Nonsense word used when mimicking someone of a different, non-English speaking nationality, usually Arabs.
''I asked the cab driver for my change and he gave me an odd look and was all ''Blocka blocka blocka''.
by murph March 23, 2005