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A bet where no money or property is involved, and the prize for losing is getting to slap the loser across the face. Excellent for bets of extreme importance.
A slap bet is often monitored by a slap bet commissioner, that regulates the rules of said bet.
"Joe cried after he lost his slap bet"
"In a matter of this importance, only a slap bet will do"
by mrcool November 22, 2006
A mans butt hole, after he has engaged in sexual intercourse with another man/ dildo, which was inserted up said hole.
Ted: Last night was awesome! My gaygina is still sore!
Phil: Ya I am pretty much huge down there.
by mrcool March 18, 2006
A person, who is in the act of using the computer while drunk.
Lisa- Greg was teh drunk last night, and told me he wanted to bang me on MSN.
Joe- Don't worry, he said the same thing to me...
by mrcool January 13, 2007
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