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Scapegoat for christians when they succumb to human urges.
At confession:

Forgive me father Matthew, Satan made me lust over my wife last night!
by Mr. Bird April 30, 2005
1. South American jungles.
2. A well-known site that delivers music, movies, books, and other entertainment goods to your front door.
3. A large and/or super muscular woman. Basically, all women bodybuilders.
1. "Some bugs in the Amazon down south are downright nasty."
2. "Aww sweet. New Queens of the Stone Age albumk on sale on Amazon.com."
3. "Aww, man. Check out that luscious amazon bitch that just walked by."
by Mr. Bird August 07, 2005
People who look scuzzy, who have rotted teeth, who drink malt liquor as their preferred beverage of choice, and who could make it in this world if their werent so inclined to be so lazy. They are normally quite bitter about said laziness, and are seemingly oblivious to the fact that it's their own fault.

Imagine someone who is on drugs, who doesn't shower, and says things that would indicate that the person is indeed a few sandwiches short of a picnic.
Chris Haviland works for UPS as a dirty janitor who never showers, has a mostashe from the old west days, and says things that never makes sense. Also has a lot of anger over his self-imposed misery.
by Mr. Bird November 13, 2004
A rare sexual dysfunction that cause the sufferer to only go after peoples of a preferred gender from China, Japan, Korea (All three are refered to as the "Big Three", like car companies.), Vietnam, or the Phillipines. Males hailing from the state of California are a majority of sufferers, though anyone from anywhere can have it. The most purplexing thing is that the root cause in still unknown, and scientists aren't really out for the answer, as it's apparently not all that high on their priority lists. However, it is doubtful that one is born being an asiansexual.

To put that in plain, everyday english for the simplest human to understand: Being an asiansexual means, in a nutshell, to only want an asian as a boyfriend/girlfriend/sexual partner exclusively, and to think that people of other ethnic backgrounds just don't quite cut it anymore, if they ever have at all in the first place. To prefer asians, but still like white girls is not being asiansexual. It's when you exlude other peoples in your hunt for the perfect mate.
An epidemic, or just a preference taken too far? Strange, or normal like the blue sky? Racist, or reasonable? I'll leave that for you, the reader, to decide.
by Mr. Bird July 08, 2005
Old show that is still in rotation on TV. It's a show that is created by Aaron Spelling, who thought it would be a good idea to make a show that tells people what kind of lifestyle to live: A very sheltered one. The father is a minister who has a drunk sister who attacked his kids. How, he could be a father and disown that bitch and not let her in the house, but he had to do the "christian" thing and forgive her. Of course, the kid whom she attacked forgave her as well, when anyone with common sense knows that in reality, the kid would be traumatized for living by being vicoiusly attacked by his own aunt.

A product of Aaron Spelling's decaying brain.
This is just one of the many examples of the blatent fakeness and stupidity that this show is saturated with. But, hey, I guess stupidity under a vale of morality is appealing to some people.
by Mr. Bird February 21, 2005
An extremely talented and funnt african-american actor. Has been in such feature films as Exit Wounds, Barbershop, Kangaroo Jack, and Romeo Must Die. The movies genres which this actor has appeared in is quite varied.
"Ohhh smack tha ball, baby! Smake tha ball! Smack it! Smack it! Smack it! Smack it! Smack it! Smack it! Smack it! Smack it! Smack it! Smack it!...."
by Mr. Bird January 28, 2005
A guy from Canada who can't keep it in his pants. His on-line alias is Cloud Reider.
"Casual cyber-sex is goooooooood..."
by Mr. Bird February 21, 2005
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