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A cross between smack and shake. To smack, grab and shake the face of a person.
if a bitch step up im smakeing a ho
#smack #shake #slap #disrespect #backhand
by Slappy Jackson August 24, 2010
Low German for - SMOKE - Slang word for a cigarette or the act of smoking a cigarette. Common in low german speaking areas like Paraguay, Steinbach, Winkler, ALtona, Grunthal, & Morden Manitoba.
Hey, lets got for a smake once!
#smoke #cigarette #dart #fag #cancer stick
by Bomb Bender May 13, 2009
1. (transitive verb) To stain or mark, thereby claiming as one's own;

2. (adjective) Stained, soiled, or defiled

From New England pronounciation of "smoke"
Quentin's sense of betrayal deepened when Aaron baked him a smake cake for his birthday.
to fake emotion

or to play dirty
you need to smake happy so you can work today.

dude i smaked my girlfriend last night

#fake #emotion #emo #sad #smile
by midnight pee stain February 23, 2009
Shiffty and underhanded.
I think he left the building befor handing in his keys. DAMN HE'S a Smake
by Office retard March 10, 2003
Make with an S.Which is better!
Smake things better!
#makes #snake #snakes #marker #maker
by Jason Gorham October 28, 2007
what i do when i smack cade in the face
J.T.-I'm going to smake him
by Jim Bain October 16, 2003
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