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A rich, good looking Hispanic man, primarily of european descent, who spends his spare time romancing white sorority girls at private universities.
Frat Boy 1: Are you still with Cindy?
Frat Boy 2: Nah man, I caught her in bed with some diego, so we broke up.
by mplad September 13, 2006
A term used in Australian English to describe people of Mediterranean ancestry. Greeks, Italians, Spaniards, Portuguese, Serbians, Croats, Albanians, Lebanese, Turks and Armenians are all considered Wogs. Basically, anyone with an olive complexion that you could picture with a gold chain buried in a patch of black chest hair.
Gino, Antonio, Sarkis and Kosta are all Wogs even though they speak different languages.
by Mplad June 07, 2007
Where the Indian and Chinese engineers who work in the Silicon Valley buy their homes.
That engineer who graduated from India Tech bought a home in Fremont after working in the Silicon Valley for a few years.
by mplad July 22, 2006
A nerdy, effeminate white guy who gets off by watching Black guys screw his wife and satisfy her wife in ways he can't.
The nerdy post-doc that lives in my neighborhood is a total cuck--it is no accident that he rents a house three blocks away from a black neighborhood.
by Mplad July 10, 2008
The quality of being extremely flamboyant, ostentatious and flashy with one's wealth. Basically, if a person goes over the top flaunting his wealth, he is Persian rich.
Reza bought a brand new Mercedes, wears a Rolex, a gold necklace and expensive Armani clothes. He is Persian Rich.
by mplad July 22, 2006
A city near San Mateo, on the edge of the San Francisco Bay near the San Mateo bridge. Built on reclaimed marshland, the city is an upscale, planned community surrounding lagoons with many waterfront homes. The town has a reputation as a Yuppie enclave and many Asians reside in Foster City.
I just purchased a waterfront condo in Foster City for $750,000 so now I am officially a yuppie.
by mplad July 22, 2006
A city to the immediate north of Stanford University and Palo Alto. The city is known for its upscale downtown and the strip along Sand Hill Road that is home to the largest concentration of Venture Capital firms in the world. The people who live in the town tend to have Graduate degrees and most of them can accurately be described as yuppies.
Standford Alumnus One: It is nice running into you, what is new in your life lately?

Standford Alumnus Two: Well, I just landed a job as an associate at an Investment Bank and purchased a home in Menlo Park.
by mplad July 22, 2006

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