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The name given to any machine in Spira by the Yevon Clergy. Most machina are offensive weapons, a perfect example being the colossus Vegnagun, created 1000 years ago. Nowadays, there is a difference between machina and machines. Machines are custom made, often from old or scrapped machina parts. Machina are any mechanical device used by Yevon or New Yevon.
Machina were once forbidden by Yevon, who even defied their own teachings against it!
by Craig Mitchell March 02, 2004
The fifth and last commercially-released Smashing Pumpkins album. It is also a concept album. Machina loosely follows the story of Glass, a rockstar, and June, a woman.

In the story, Glass hears God speaking to him through his radio. Glass becomes a rock and roll messiah and starts a revolution of good against evil.

Machina was originally meant to be a double-album, but Virgin refused to release another double album by the Smashing Pumpkins so soon after Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness. The band was unhappy with Virgin, so they had 25 copies of what was meant to be the second disc of Machina pressed on vinyl and released this as a double LP with three EPs of alternate versions and demos of various songs. The band gave this new release (Machina II/The Friends and Enemies of Modern Music) to radio stations and online friends and told them to put it on the internet for free download.

Machina marked Jimmy Chamberlin's return as the Smashing Pumpkins' drummer and the band's return to hard rock. It also has sold the least copies of any of the band's commercially-available albums.

It is a kickass album.
"Hey man the Smashing Pumpkins are really cool!"

"Yeah they are....have you heard Machina?"

"WTF is Machina?"
by a rock musician August 16, 2005
A Railgun-ish sniper rifle used by The Sniper class in team fortress 2.
The gun cannot be used if not zoomed in but it has a 100% guaranteed critical hit if aimed on the head.
it can also kill several people at once if fully charged. either trough two headshots, two bodyshots, or one headsnot and bodyshot. and if that is successfully done, the crowd will cheer. however if it is fired, it leaves a trail with the color of your team warning the enemy that a sniper is nearby.
Sniper: My Machina just blew yer brain out of yer head!
by Cephalopods June 10, 2015
A huge shit. Can be referring to taking a huge shit, or a person who is a piece of shit.
After eating a lot of Mexican food last night, I had to take a huge machina this morning.

Andrew is such a machina for touching that little boy.
by seriouslychris June 15, 2008
What they call machines in Final Fantasy 10.
Often used by video game nerd when refering to a new electonic item.
Ex 1: "OMFGZ! Tidus! Its a machina!"
Ex 2: "That PSP you have is a fine peice of machina."
by Kayla September 04, 2005
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