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60 definitions by monkey

do something
pull it motherfucka
by Monkey January 31, 2004
biscuit-shaped poo. Commonly occurs after playing scrabble. Also can be used as an insult for someone who is not clever.
Oi, you arsebiscuit!
by Monkey January 08, 2005
left (past tense of break)
that nigga broke when he seen us comin'
by Monkey January 31, 2004
a word play of the original highroller, one who drives while under the influence of illegal narcotics (i.e. marijuana)
when you see someone roll by with their seat laid back and surrounded by a columbian fog, you know they are a highroller.
by Monkey January 24, 2005
to run or leave
that nigga was ups when them g's came looking for him
by Monkey January 31, 2004
damn sexy
you look so spexy
by monkey July 18, 2003
huge crack that few come out of alive
my mate tom's still stuck in my bucket fanny. hes been there for years.
by monkey November 17, 2003